What is TrūMind Meditation?

Although we’ve heard of the inner peace that meditation promises to deliver, few people have experienced it to any significant degree. The question is why? TrūMind Meditation teaches a practice system that is simple yet extremely powerful, and which is more subtle than just learning how to watch our breath or our thoughts. In the Discover Meditation course, participants will receive profound teachings that’ll grant access to their own inner awareness. Throughout the course, they’ll progress through a series of highly nuanced and targeted practices that’ll enable them to easily sidestep obstacles and attain deep states of awareness.

TrūMind Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that anyone can learn regardless of their background. The name TrūMind Meditation does not refer to a new style of meditation, but to how an ancient mantra-based tradition is taught to a modern audience.

TrūMind Meditation is based on ancient yogic teachings that have been practiced since 400 C.E. The teachings draw elements from Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra, the Shaiva Tantra traditions, and the teachings of the great 20th-century sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. That said, TrūMind Meditation does not require adherence to any spiritual or religious beliefs. The course is designed with a Western, secular audience in mind, meaning that the meditation techniques are effective without having to accept any philosophical or belief system.

How is TrūMind Meditation Practiced?

TrūMind Meditation is based on three limbs of practice: right understanding, right method, and right inner feeling. Under right understanding, we establish a conceptual foundation that allows the practice to take root and blossom. Under right method, we learn a simple and beautiful meditation technique. Under right inner feeling, we learn how emotions and intention can deepen our practice.

TrūMind Meditation is practiced by sitting comfortably and receiving a mantra. A great deal of emphasis is placed on how to properly understand and think the mantra.

Why mantra? Put simply, we experience the natural peace and bliss of our own deepest awareness when our thought-stream calms down. Since thoughts are essentially sound vibrations, we use sound itself to gently absorb and quiet them down. When we work with a mantra, we do not practice forceful concentration or fight against our thoughts. We silently think the mantra, allowing its vibration to gently still our mind and reveal the deep reservoir of peace and bliss at the heart of our being.

What Participants Will Learn

In TrūMind Meditation’s Discover Meditation course, participants learn, among other things, how to:

  • Set up an effective meditation space
  • Establish proper posture, alignment, and breath
  • Manage physical pains and discomforts while meditating
  • Establish a strong conceptual foundation that will allow their meditation to significantly deepen
  • Work with thoughts in a positive and non-combative way
  • Understand the difference between concentrative and so-called effortless approaches to meditation
  • Understand the difference between guided meditations/visualizations and meditation proper
  • Properly repeat a mantra
  • Meditate without a mantra, if that is their preference
  • The secret behind the power of attention
  • Determine what the proper target of meditation should be
  • Establish the right inner feeling that will allow their meditation to become heartfelt and expansive
  • Integrate their formal meditation session with the rest of their daily life
  • Overcome perceived “dry-spells” and the feeling of lack of progress
  • Avoid common hindrances that can adversely affect a meditation practice and more

I invite you to strengthen your organization’s wellness program through the practice of meditation.

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“Some people believe their minds are too restless to meditate. They don’t appreciate the fact that the mind is as naturally inclined toward stillness as it is toward restlessness. When we teach the mind how to turn inward, it transforms the energy of restlessness into the energy of concentration, which yields deep bliss and contentment.”

—Andres Pelenur


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