The Introduction Talk

The Introduction Talk is a free 45-minute presentation at your office designed to enable participants to learn everything they need to know about TrūMind Meditation.

TrūMind Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that anyone can learn regardless of their background. The name TrūMind Meditation does not refer to a new style of meditation, but to how an ancient mantra-based tradition is taught to a modern audience.

TrūMind Meditation focuses on the three pillars of mediation: right understanding, right method, and right inner feeling. Through daily practice, participants will be able to access the natural joy that lies at the source of their mind.

In the Introduction Talk, participants will learn:

  • Why it’s important to meditate
  • Why most people feel they can’t meditate and why they are wrong
  • How meditation works
  • How TrūMind Meditation is different than Mindfulness Meditation
  • The scientific benefits of the practice
  • A preview of what they will learn in the three-day course
  • Q&A

TrūMind Meditation is specifically designed to enable complete beginners to establish a joyful meditation practice. The Introduction Talk offers a chance to meet Andres in person, have questions answered, and determine if TrūMind Meditation is right for your organization.

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The Discover Meditation Course

TrūMind Meditation’s Discover Meditation course is given for 60 minutes a day, over three days. Each day builds a conceptual and practical foundation to meditation. After graduating, participants have all the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to enjoy a lifetime of deep meditation. In addition, participants will be able to count on continued guidance and support as their meditation unfolds.

Each day of the course covers the following topics:


  • Day One
    • The nature of the mind
    • Different types of meditation
    • The power of attention
    • Posture, breath, intention
    • First meditation
  • Day Two
    • Introduction to mantra
    • How to repeat a mantra
    • Initiation into mantra
    • Second meditation
  • Day Three
    • Bringing the practice home
    • Overcoming obstacles to meditation
    • Third meditation
    • Closing comments

Ongoing Support

Support for your employee’s meditation practice is not limited to the three-day course. After graduating, participants will continue to receive guidance in their meditation practice by having email access to the teacher. Follow-up sessions can also be scheduled.

The Course Tuition

The tuition for the Discover Meditation course (60 minutes per day over 3 days) is $500 per person, with a minimum floor of $3,000. All fees are subject to HST.

An alternative to the three-day course is a short 90-minute primer on the basics of meditation. The tuition for the 90-minute Meditation Basics is $300 per person, with a minimum floor of $1,500. All fees are subject to HST.

Travel expenses apply for companies located outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

TrūMind Meditation will enable your employees to access the mind’s natural joy and inner peace, which leads to significant health benefits. I look forward to sharing the incredible gift of meditation with your organization.

Bring TrūMind Meditation to your organization

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“To meditate is to shift from doing to being, since we let go of our involvement with our active body and mind. Meditation is the greatest act of love and compassion we can offer ourselves.”

—Andres Pelenur


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