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Welcome to TrūMind Meditation. The school’s corporate training seminars are designed to enable public, private, and governmental organizations to include effective meditation instruction in their wellness and social responsibility programs.

What does it mean to meditate? Put simply, meditation is the gentle effort we make to rest in our present-moment awareness. The benefits of meditation are well known, and meditation instruction offers an easy way for companies to improve employee contentment, productivity, and general well-being. Studies from Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital, to name a few, document the many positive effects that stem from daily meditation.


Meditation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, depression, and anger
  • Significant drop in risks for heart disease and stroke
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer thinking and decision-making
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Improved metabolism
  • Stronger immune and nervous system
  • Greater contentment
  • Increased productivity
  • Formation of new gray matter in the brain

The instruction that TrūMind Meditation offers reaches beyond basic Mindfulness Meditation. The school teaches a practice system that is simple yet extremely powerful, and which is more subtle than just learning how to watch our breath or our thoughts.

TrūMind Meditation is accessible to everyone. No prior studies or experience is needed to learn how to meditate with great results. The corporate training seminar is secular in its teaching and is suitable for all individuals regardless of their philosophical, religious, or spiritual views.




meditation is a lifeskill whitepapter


White Paper: Meditation is an Essential Life Skill

Discover how meditation can reduce stress and improve the quality of life for your employees in this White Paper entitled Meditation is an Essential Life Skill. The paper goes into the mechanics of how meditation actually works and why it’s such an effective tool.

To enquire about TrūMind Meditation’s corporate training seminars, take a moment to complete the form below. I make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

Corporate Enquiries

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TrūMind Meditation offers two corporate training seminars:

  • 45-minute free Introduction to Meditation talk at your office (travel expenses for trips beyond the Greater Toronto Area apply) and
  • Discover Meditation seminar: 60 minutes per day, over 3 days or
  • 90-minute Meditation Basics seminar

Discover Meditation Seminar: 60 minutes per day, over 3 days

The school’s principal corporate meditation training seminar is delivered in 60-minute daily sessions, for a total of three days. Alternatively, the seminar can be taught during one full day. Typically, the seminar is preceded by an optional free 45-minute Introduction to Meditation talk given a few days before the start of the main course.

Highlights of the Discover Meditation seminar include:

  • Establishing a strong conceptual foundation that will allow our meditation to significantly deepen
  • How to work with our thoughts in a positive and non-combative way
  • Understanding the difference between concentrative and so-called effortless approaches to meditation
  • Understanding the difference between guided meditations/visualizations and meditation proper
  • How to properly repeat a mantra
  • How to meditate without a mantra, if that is our preference
  • The secret behind the power of attention
  • How to determine what the proper target of meditation should be
  • How to set up an effective meditation space
  • Establishing proper posture, alignment, and breath
  • How to manage physical pains and discomforts while we are meditating
  • How to integrate our formal meditation session with the rest of our daily life
  • How to overcome perceived “dry-spells” and the feeling of lack of progress
  • Avoiding common hindrances that can adversely affect our meditation practice and more

90 minutes Meditation Basics Seminar

If the full three-day training seminar is too ambitious, I offer an intense 90-minute training seminar where the basics of meditation (both theory and practice) are imparted. This short-form seminar is ideally suited for corporate events, retreats, and kick-offs, where time is limited. The 90-minute course teaches a powerful technique that can lead practitioners into very deep states of meditation.

@ Your Office

TrūMind Meditation’s training seminars are held at your office location. A large boardroom or large meeting room is all that is needed. Strengthen your organization’s wellness program and contribute to your employees’ well-being by teaching them a time-honored meditation practice that leads to measurable results.

I Iook forward to sharing the gift of meditation with your organization.

About Andres Pelenur


AndreAndres Pelenurs Pelenur has been meditating and studying yogic scriptures for over twenty years. He is the founder of TrūMind Meditation, an operating name of the Mahāsāra School of Meditation. Andres is a disciple of the meditation master Swami Nityananda of Ganeshpuri (1897–1961). Andres is also the author of The Essence of Meditation: Advanced Practices for New and Experienced Meditators. He received training in multiple yogic disciplines at numerous ashrams in India and the United States. Andres holds a BA in English from McGill University and a JD from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Andres Pelenur is also a Founding Partner of Borders Law Firm. Andres is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Citizenship & Immigration Law. He is also an attorney-at-law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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